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Water Pumps

Pumps transfer various forms of liquid from one place to another. Antonio Spath & CÍA S. A. carries a wide range of models and capacities for diverse applications: 

Self-Priming Pumps:

Ideal for both, rural and urban uses such as transfer of water in farms, filling tank cars or drainage of ditches at construction sites.

These pumps are portable and light in weight, are made up of long lasting materials, have fast priming time and excellent couplings for discharge.

Centrifugal Pumps:

Are used for transfer of hydrocarbons, watering, aqueducts, air conditioning systems, mines and fire – fighting equipment.

Their great advantage relies on its priming systems with mechanical seals. The free axis models can be coupled to any engine in several positions.

Submersible Pumps:

This type of pumps can be used to drain basements; evacuate rain, residual and sewage water, clean water from deep wells; or for special agricultural projects as well as any given domestic use.

Their main advantage consists in its oil bath lubrication method, which allows for better refrigeration resulting in a longer life span. These pumps have open, closed and vortex rotors as well as thermic protection, factors that account for less cycles and thus result in better conditions to manage great water volumes.

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